Case Studies

Central Texas Car Concierge

How we created a standout web design and targeted messaging for a car concierge service.

Central Texas Car Concierge
Full Website Build

The Challenge

CTXCC had a simple web page that listed out some bullet points about their service. There was no notable branding or design and the logo was simple. There was a blog hosted on Blogspot that was separate from the single homepage.

Our Approach

We worked with CTXCC and a graphic designer to come up with simple branding that emphasized their Texan roots. Using this as a foundation, we began developing a new website for them.


We identified their target market and did our research before putting together their copy. Our focus was on supporting the buyer and highlighting some of the inconveniences of working with dealerships. We broke down their car concierge service into four steps for the buyer to understand how simple it was to work with them.


We wanted the design to be as simple as the logo but also compelling and attractive. We utilized the blue and white colors from the logo and used high-resolution photos that matched the copy we had written. This created a synergy between content and design that added purpose to the website.

Content Management

The blog posts from Blogspot were moved into Webflow's content management system, making it easy for them to update or add new blog posts. We ensured that there was good support for adding images as well when necessary. Form submissions were linked to a HubSpot backend to streamline the sales process.


This website was relatively new and did not have any history in the search engines. We set up Google Analytics, submitted their sitemap, optimized their meta-tag data, and performed various technical optimizations to give them a good foundation for accelerating through the search engine rankings.

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