Case Studies

Evo Performance Rehab

How we boosted inbound leads for a fitness consultation business while moving away from WordPress.

Evo Performance Rehab
WordPress to Webflow Migration

The Challenge

Evo Performance Rehab had a WordPress site with design issues, plugin bloat and lacked copy that described its services. The page structure was complicated and the content did not show how it stacked up against its competitors.

Our Approach

We worked with Evo to come up with a simplified content structure, a fresh design with subtle animations, and stronger messaging.


We understood how Evo wanted to distinguish themselves from physical therapists, chiropractors and other health practitioners. It was also important to put ourselves in the shoes of people with injuries and looking for an alternative after trying traditional treatments. We also made sure to create FAQs to overcome objections potential customers might have.


The previous design used a background video that slowed the site down. We updated the first section to include the video in the foreground instead which increased the site speed and made it clearer to see, especially on mobile phones. We combined the brand colors and logo with some strong fonts to give a "get it done" fitness feel. The use of high quality photos and subtle animations made the design stand out in even more.

Content Management

Instead of separate small service pages, we simplified the page structure to on-site and virtual services with strong messaging. We recovered some blog posts from the owner that he made on sites that are no longer around. The content from his newsletters and YouTube channel were also organized into blog posts, providing a better foundation for future content.


Since the previous website was on WordPress, we made sure to include several 301 redirects from the old pages to the new ones. We managed to increase the site speed, add meta and OpenGraph tags where they were previously missing and increase the amount of content overall on the website for their target keywords.

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